Steven Elop to Microsoft? No chance! #steveballmer #microsoft

Now that Steve Ballmer has officially announced he will retire within the next 12 months, the big speculation has begun over who will succeed him. Amongst the many names that are circulating, Steven Elop is mentioned as well. But would he be the right person to lead Microsoft in the future?

Steven Elop got known to the big public after taking the helm at Nokia. A company that was (is) fighting for its future. But selling the majority of Windows Phones, the platform finally gaining traction and taking full control of Nokia Siemens Networks, it seems Nokia is on the right track. The transition wasn’t an easy one, as many difficult decisions had to be taken. Some argue Microsoft is due a good clean out, so who better than Steven Elop, a previous Microsoft employee?

But would it be in Microsoft’s interest to take Steven Elop away from Nokia? Steven Elop has been one of the driving forces behind Nokia taking on Windowsphone as their main operating system. The big unknown for Microsoft would be who Steven Elop will be replaced with. Especially as Nokia is still in troubled waters, share holders might press the new CEO for radical changes. A doom scenario would occur if the new Nokia CEO would be considering releasing phones with Android as an OS.

So even though at first sight Steven Elop might be a good candidate, for long term sake it might be best to leave him there.


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